RWH System Functionality Checking in Gurugram

A workshop was conducted on 26th May 2020 by MCG and facilitated by GuruJal for the Safai Karmi on checking and repairing of the Rainwater Harvesting(RWH) system in MCG jurisdiction. The purpose of this workshop was to prepare for the upcoming monsoon to harvest rainwater. There were around 50 Safai Karmis and 13 Supervisors were trained and divided, into13 teams with a Supervisor in which they have to check RWH in their respective areas.

GuruJal is the water conservation wing of District administration Gurugram is helping MCG in training and coordination with the Safai Karmis during this functionality and maintenance of the public rainwater harvesting system.

In the first phase, Safai Karmi’s team are checking the functionality of the RWH systems. This activity will help to assess the condition of the rainwater harvesting structures. This activity helps in the operation and maintenance of the RWH.

As of now, MCG did a functionality check of 413 public rainwater harvesting sites. And now in the second phase of the drive, the MCG team have cleaned 136 rainwater harvesting structures. 

These activities with the rainwater harvesting structure will help to conserve water during the monsoon season.

RWH Functionality check by the team, Location: Govt. Sr. Sec. School Village Chomakhera

Cleaning and inspection of rainwater harvesting structure by MCG and GuruJal officials on the Mini Secretariat Gurugram.

Cleaning and inspection of rainwater harvesting structure in Sector 15, Gurugram

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