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The CLEAR Initiative is convening the 2nd annual gLOCAL Evaluation Week to help promote Local and Global Monitoring and Evaluation knowledge exchange and capacity development.


gLOCAL Evaluation Week is an M&E knowledge sharing initiative being convened by the CLEAR Centers with support from local and global partners. It aims to support the exchange of M&E knowledge and experiences as a means to promote evaluation capacity development, support evidence-based decision making, and strengthen development outcomes at local and global levels. These goals are central to the CLEAR Initiative’s mission, and are the inspiration for gLOCAL Evaluation Week.  In 2019, the inaugural gLOCAL Evaluation Week was a success thanks to the support of 177 institutions around the world. Over 270 events were organized in 38 countries and an estimated 22,000 participants convened to learn and share M&E knowledge. 


This year, gLOCAL Evaluation Week will take place between June 1 and 5, 2020. During this week events organized by public, private, and academic institutions and organizations that produce, use, or promote evaluations to strengthen development programs will take place around the world. In addition to the traditional thematic areas such as Evaluation Capacity Development, Evaluation Communication and Use, and Evaluation Methods, this year’s gLOCAL  will feature a special theme, ‘Evaluation 2030’, which intends to encourage discussions about the role of M&E in supporting the achievement of long-term development goals such as the 2030 Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


About GuruJal's webinar at the gLOCAL Evaluation Week


The webinar would be focusing on the Water conservation initiative taken by the District Administration of Gurugram, in the state of Haryana, that is tackling issues related to water through five verticals, out of which we would be focusing on three verticals for this webinar; Support a Pond (which intends to revive existing traditional water bodies and ponds across the district), Jal Sanrakshan (a vertical actively dedicated to the protection of biodiversity of flora and fauna, essential component of saving water bodies) and Water Proofing (Building and supporting infrastructural needs to conserve water in an already built-up area with an emphasis on Rainwater Harvesting Structures). 

The webinar would be focusing on the Water conservation intervention initiatives taken by the District Administration of Gurugram, in the state of Haryana, India. 


Event Details : Date: 3rd June 2020 | Time: 10:30 AM | Duration: 1 hr 30 Mins

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